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Me toxic? No way!!!

Detoxification. What do you mean?

You want me to drink nothing but tea and starve myself? No thanks!

Even though there are tons of teas, drinks and products to choose from to help your body to detox….what exactly does it mean to detox? Detox is certainly a buzzword in the marketing world!

So, let’s start with defining detoxification. Simply, it is to remove toxins. The next question is, “What me, toxic?” Simple answer, “Yes”. We are ALL exposed to and house toxins in our body. Sad truth, but there it is.

Examples of toxins (and this is not an exhaustive list by any means): preservatives & additives in food, pesticides & insecticides, air & water pollution, cigarette smoke, auto exhaust, paints & dyes, personal and household products to name a few of the external toxins. Then add to this the toxins our normal body’s physiology makes such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and free radicals. Crazy huh?

What does it look like if this process is slow or we are struggling to detoxify? It may look like: fatigue & sleep issues, joint pain, GI & indigestion issues, brain fog, craving certain foods, and more. Struggle with any of these? It may indicate a need to focus on a detoxification protocol.

So, the fact is that our body needs to implement this process of detoxification to remove these toxins that are affecting us on an ongoing basis!

This is where Krager Wellness can offer support to wade through all the information on the internet and guide you through a time tested and successful detoxification protocol!

Contact me to learn more!

If you want to learn which personal care and household products that are safe to use.

Please visit The Environmental Working Group:

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