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I’m a functional health coach who provides simple nutrition basics from the very chaotic and noisy world of health diets and claims.

I advocate whole food nutrition and will work with you where you are. 


By understanding your individual circumstances and goals, we can create a plan that's designed just for you, not based on generic methods or products.


My goal is to empower you to achieve the outcomes you've been striving for but unable to reach alone.


Let's work together to crush those health goals and unlock your full potential!

                                 Does this sound familiar?

You notice that your energy is not what it used to be?

You try to exercise more but the scale seems to magically increase equal to the frequency of your workouts?

Your once deep and refreshing sleep has begun to look more like, "catch up on emails" time!?

When asked a simple question, you stare off in the distance, trying to connect their question to form an answer?


You decide to go to the doctor to "find out what's going on".

You are told your thyroid is not behaving and are given medication to "balance" your hormones?

It seems to help, but then you start to notice that you are  bloating after meals, and then, "OH NO!"  embarrassing gas!

Yikes! What is going on?

You go back to the doctor and they run tests and don't find anything "wrong"?​


Maybe they prescribe more medications and.....Nothing changes!

                                     Hi! I'm Eugenie!

I'm a Functional Health Coach and can relate to everything that I've written above and MORE!


I've been in your shoes and want to let you know that there is HOPE!


I understand your frustration!

You don't have to live this way!

I've been there and have tried just about every way to resolve my health issues! 

In fact this is the very reason I became a Functional Health Coach. 


I offer a Whole Health Digestive Program that will finally get to the root of your health issues and provide results!

Contact me and let's get you vibrant and healthy!

                                    Health Starts Here!


Digestive Wellness

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Diets & Detoxing

Elimination Diets

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