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Welcome to Krager Wellness!

Hello! I’m Eugenie!

I am a health coach with a focus on functional blood analysis, nutrition, and lifestyle assessments to provide a window into your state of health!

Do you understand your blood lab results?

I can help!

I will discuss lab results and explain markers that may help understand why you may feel “off”, even when labs may be in “range”.

I look at the “Optimal” range or often called “Functional” range. This is a narrower range that is based on an ideal, healthy population. While the conventual ranges are based on an ever-widening range as the population becomes sicker. Patients often see that their results are in this ‘normal’ range, but may feel unhealthy.

I am a health coach with training to explain labs as an entirety, as opposed to just looking at those markers that are “outside” the conventional range.

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