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Do you struggle to get consistent sleep?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Here are a couple tips for quality sleep

Avoid Blue light before bed!

This is one of the most disruptive habits that inhibits sound sleep! Whether it is TV, computer, or phone, it is vital to reduce “screen time” before bed. Why? Blue light interrupts circadian rhythm. No, not your dance moves. Circadian rhythm is your sleep cycle which is your body’s biological clock for your sleep/wake cycle.

Blue light from screens during the day have benefits because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood. However, when relaxation and sleep is the goal…let’s turn off the devices!

In addition, research shows that blue light interrupted sleep may contribute to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

LED lights are popular now, but they too produce a fair amount of blue light.

If you need to use the device before bed…but consider blue-block eyeglasses or screen covers always when on devises to protect your eyes too!

Speaking of circadian rhythm, it is to get good quality and restorative sleep, be consistent. Go to bed at the same time & get up at the same time. Make your bedroom a relaxing, quiet and peaceful environment. Bright outside light shining in widows can also disturb sleep. Try blackout curtains if the outside light is too bright.

Food is necessary for fueling our body during waking hours, however a big-mac & coke before bed is definitely not the best way to get a good night’s sleep. Yes, you may crash from the sugar bomb in a soda, but if this becomes a habit it could develop into ‘nocturnal’ hypoglycemia (blood glucose drop while sleeping).

Speaking of foods, what to eat for a good night sleep? Good healthy fats found in nuts, almond butter (w/o added sugar), even organic milk (if you aren’t lactose intolerant) help to stabilize blood sugar and help sleep. Research also found increase vegetable and fruit consumption in the overall diet is also linked to good sleep. Herbal teas like chamomile promote relaxation. Wild caught fatty fish like salmon with healthy omega-3 fatty acid is also a great way to include healthy fats in your diet.

It may seem obvious but caffeine (for many people), and alcohol are major sleep disruptors.

There are supplements and herbals that help with relaxation and sleep. Minerals such as magnesium and vitamin B6 have been shown to improve sleep.

Kava and also Valerian are two wonderful herbs to promote relaxation and sleep.

Standard Process’s EZ Mg or Min-Chex (contains vitamin B6) and Kava Forte or Valerian Complex from MediHerb are my recommendations to help restore sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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